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What Is The Windows Registry?

Every personal computer running any version of Microsoft Windows has what’s called a “windows registry” or simply a “registry” for short. The Windows Registry is a central database used by Microsoft Windows to store all the information it relies on in order to ensure the PC consistently functions normally and properly. Your Windows registry is an integral component of your computer that not only determines how well and easily you can use your computer, but whether or not you can use it at all.

The Windows Registry is a database - the central database for your computer - that stores all of its most pertinent information, like hardware, configurations, software installed, control panel settings, user profiles and preferences, ports being used, property sheet settings for application icons - among others.  As you continue to use your computer the registry is constantly changing and expanding, which means it requires regular maintenance in order to keep from getting messy, cluttered, overburdened, and confused.

Registry Editor

Considering how involved the Windows registry is with nearly every aspect of your PC’s operation, it’s no wonder at all that problems with the Windows registry can and do happen, and quite often at that. The registry is the core of the Windows operating system and therefore the core of your computer. If it is in any way damaged, it can corrupt your whole operating system  and render your computer unable to be used. 

Problems can be caused by references being left behind after a piece of software is installed or uninstalled. Removing software from your system incorrectly is a common cause of registry problems, in fact. Orphaned start-up programs, and corrupt and missing hardware drivers are other common causes of registry problems. Oftentimes malicious software will often drop unwanted entries into your Windows Registry. Another major problem people find with their registries always filling up with files is a preponderance of duplicate files.

When problems with your Windows registry occur, you need to be alert to recognize them and prepared to deal with them right away. A common cause of slow performance error messages, task failures. and system crashes is problems with the Windows Registry. But fixing a Windows registry is na dangerous undertaking, as one mistake could cause irretrievable losses of vital data and, in the worst cases, irreparable damage to your computer’s operating system. 

An error in cleaning your registry can cause major problems and is not something that should be attempted by the inexperienced.  If you rush forward without availing yourself of the helpful information provided by a good registry management program, you can incur additional problems. 

That’s why far-thinking software developers have come up with software designed to help the average computer user keep their Windows registry spic-and-span clean and in tip-top shape. They call this software “registry repair software“ - also often known as “registry cleaners”.

Registry repair software allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems.  It is an invaluable tool that scan your registry for errors, bugs, redundancies, and other anomalies and either fixes or removes them.  Registry cleaners can generally adapt themselves to all different versions of Windows, such as Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, and Windows Vista.

Competition among registry repair software developers has benefited you, the computer user, by making the process of maintaining your registry ever easier. The best Registry Repair tools are flexible they enable you to customize your cleaning and repair efforts, isolating specific entries to clear. Registry cleaners are an indispensable utility for anyone wishing to optimize the performance of their PC and keep it running error free.

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